Majayjay Falls / Taytay Falls / Imelda Falls

May 30, 2015

Majayjay Falls (a.k.a. Taytay Falls and Imelda Falls) is situated in the province of Laguna. We took a side trip to the falls, when we visited our province, Sariaya, Quezon over the weekend. It involved a 10-minute trek, with the scenic view of the Mt. Banahaw, to get to it.

Since it was a Saturday, there were a lot of people but that didn’t stop us from having a wonderful time swimming in the very cool and clear water.

DENR Protected Area

Mother Daughter

Janna and Nikko

Evette and Janna

Majayjay Falls Janna and Nikko

Majayjay Falls

Clear Water

Majayjay Falls

Hanging Bridge

Mt. Banahaw

Janna and Nikko


Watch our video here:

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Budget: P300/2 persons or P150/person for Gas.

There were no entrance fees or whatsoever. It’s definitely one of the cheapest trips we’ve had.


  • From Sariaya, Quezon to Majayjay, Laguna


Some Notes and Tips:

  • There are sari-sari stores and souvenir shops at the jump-off point.
  • The very cool water could be intimidating but it would take only a minute for your body to get to used to it.

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