Angono Art Galleries: Botong Francisco House, Atelier/Nemiranda Arthouse, Balaw Balaw Restaurant

Carlos “Botong” Francisco House (217 Dona Aurora St., Angono, Rizal)

          Botong Francisco is a renowned muralist from Angono, and is a National Artist for painting (“Pambansang Alagad ng Sining“). Some of his great works include Blood Compact, First Mass at Limasawa, and The Invasion of Limahong.

          We were able to visit his house and former studio in Dona Aurora, a street, which displays murals of his masterpieces.

          His grandson, Carlos Francisco II, a.k.a. Totong, is also a painter and uses the place as a gallery. We were greeted by his wife, Jennifer, who also showed us around for free. According to her, Totong also does commission work. You may reach them at +639179531104 / +632-6610598.

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Botong Francisco House Nikko

Botong Francisco Mural

Dona Aurora Street

Botong Francisco House 2

Botong Francisco House

Botong Francisco Desk

Botong Francisco Memorabilia

Botong Francisco

Janna and Nikko Inside the Botong Francisco House

Inside the Botong Francisco House

Atelier / Nemiranda Art House

          Nemesio “Nemi” Miranda is a modern artist from Angono, Rizal. He is responsible for the mural at the EDSA Shrine, and the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary sculptures, which could be found along the road to Antipolo Church. He turned his home-studio into a restaurant-gallery called Atelier or Nemiranda Art House. One can tour it for P60 (inclusive of lecture). According to our lecturer, Mr. Miranda can also have your portrait made in 20-minutes for P5000.

Atelier Merienda

Atelier 2





Inside Nemiranda Art House




Balaw Balaw Restaurant

          Balaw Balaw Gallery and Restaurant is a Department of Tourism-accredited restaurant in Angono. It showcases works from different artists, and offers mouth-watering native dishes. You should try the boodle-like Minaluto (P250) and the sour Balaw Balaw (P170), which should be enough for two persons.

Balaw Balaw Restaurant



Janna and Painting

Minaluto and Balaw Balaw


  • From Cubao to Botong Francisco House (Dona Aurora Street), Angono, Rizal:

Map to AngonoDetailed Directions

  • From the Botong Francisco House (Dona Aurora Street) to Atelier/Nemiranda Arthouse, and Balaw Balaw Restaurant

Map of Angono Rizal Galleries

Budget: P980/2 persons or P490/person.

  • Gas (QC – Angono – QC) – P200
  • Donation (Botong Francisco House) – P100
  • Atelier / Nemiranda Art House Tour with Lecture – P60/person, or P120 for two.
  • Food
    • Atelier – P130
      • Egg Sandwich – P65
      • Chicken Sandwich – P65
    • Balaw Balaw Restaurant – P550
      • Minaluto – P250
      • Balaw Balaw – P170
      • Guinumis – P65
      • Gayuma – P65

Some Notes and Tips:

  • Angono is considered as the Art Capital of the Philippines. It is also known for the Higantes Festival, held on November 23 of each year.
  • Half a day should be enough to cover most places of interest in Angono, Rizal.
    • You can visit the Blanco Family Museum, too. We were unable to do so as it was already closed when we got there.

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